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Founded over 20 years ago, Steptron Technologies is a leading supplier of machine specific, visually engineered Lockout Tagout procedures for facilities to promote employee safety, adhere to OSHA (1910.147) compliance, and reduce equipment downtime.  Our visual aids serve as full time “on-line” instructors, identifying what needs to be done to properly and safely de-energize and re-energize equipment through the use of smart graphics and tags rather than complicated instructions.  Like a directory at a shopping mall, our visual aids show you exactly where you are in conjunction to the equipment you are servicing and provide a road map for properly and safely de-energizing it for maintenance or sanitation. 

What makes Steptron unique is our skilled mechanical\electrical surveyors that can survey any piece of equipment in any industry for machine specific Lockout Tagout requirements.  Those requirements are then conveyed to our talented graphics and production department to design and produce final graphical instructions and tags.  Instructions in the form of graphical placards and tags are then installed by our surveyors and training is conducted.  Annually we provide audits to re-certify your Lockout Tagout procedures and survey any new equipment.

After 20 years Steptron has become extremely efficient saving you time and money while ensuring a safe, OSHA complaint workplace.  We do it all for you, becoming your partner and trusted advisor. 

Company Highlights Include:

  • In business for over 20 years making us very efficient
  • Provide OSHA (1910.147) compliant, visually engineered LOTO solutions
  • Over 500 clients throughout North America
  • Cross Industry expertise, we service all industries
  • Over 500,000 visual aids deployed Worldwide
  • Surveyors are LOTO experts
  • Member National Safety Council
  • Product Liability Insurance includes “Errors and Omissions”
Lockout Tagout
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