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Lockout Tagout Services and Examples

Frequently Asked Questions


What does OSHA require to be Lockout Tagout compliant?

1) You are required to designate employees as "Authorized" or "Affected"
2) You are required to develop written Lockout Tagout procedures
3) You are required to train employees on Lockout Tagout procedures
4) You are required to conduct annual Lockout Tagout audits

What does OSHA require in written procedures?

The minimum requirements include:

  1. A statement addressing the specific intended use of the procedure
  2. The steps required to shut down, isolate, block and secure process machines and equipment to control hazardous energy
  3. The steps required to place, remove and transfer Lockout Tagout Devices
  4. The steps required to verify the effectiveness of the Lockout Tagout devices
What machines or equipment require Lockout Tagout procedures?

Any machines or equipment that have multiple energy sources

How long does it typically take Steptron Technologies to deploy a Lockout Tagout program?

The time to deploy a Lockout Tagout program will vary based on the square footage of your facility and the number and complexity of equipment in your facility. However, even very large facilities can be completed in less than 6 months. To establish a timeline and a fixed bid quote, Steptron Technologies conducts an initial site survey (Snap Shot Survey) for a low investment on your behalf to determine the overall scope, pricing and timing of the deployment.

Does Steptron Technologies provide training?

Yes.  At the conclusion of the facility deployment Steptron conducts training.  Training can be completed in person, remotely or we can train a Safety Manager in your facility to conduct onsite training. 

What type of experience and background does Steptron Technologies Machine Surveyors have?

Steptron’s Machine Surveyors have extensive experience in electrical and mechanical surveying, typically starting in complex manufacturing facilities.  Our Surveyors have up to 20 years’ experience surveying process equipment and machines for Lockout Tagout requirements across numerous industries.

How does Steptron Technologies handle new or moved equipment after the initial Lockout Tagout program is deployed?

One of two ways; You can contact us and we can re-survey the new or moved equipment. Or, during your annual re-certification audit we can identify and survey new or moved equipment at that time. We also have a 24 hour turnaround for "Hot Jobs".

What is the difference between Zero Energy and Controlled Access?

Zero Energy procedures detail the steps required to bring a piece of equipment to a zero energy state by de-energizing all energy sources. With some equipment, utilizing Controlled Access allows you to de-energize a defined group of energy sources only for specific repairs, adjustments or clearing jams, thus improving productivity.

Our company is a meat manufacturing facility. We use harsh chemicals to sanitize our equipment. How well will Steptron's placards (Machine specific instructions) hold up?

Steptron has developed special placards that have passed very rigorous testing in harsh/caustic environments, both chemical and heat. We use these placards for our customers in the meat and poultry industries.

What are the primary energies that are required to be de-energized before performing maintenance or sanitation?

There are 7 primary energies, they include electrical, air, hydraulic, gas, chemical, heat and steam.

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